Looking through old photos…

I’ve got so many photos of Matt…many years later if the future civilization finds all my photos they will be confused and mistake it for an elaborate assassination plot that I created. =D Haha, and that will be interesting if I could witness that.

But, I’ll be heading home this weekend. My uncle passed away…which was a huge shock to my whole family. I’m so torn over it…I always overthink situations like that. I just visited him at their store a week before he passed away…chit chatted like nothing was wrong. Then to hear something like that…goodness…I will forever and always be numb to that level of departure. It’s so heart breaking.

Besides that…I’m comforted to see family! Family that is coming from out of state and out of the country. I’ll be able to see everyones faces…smiling or crying…we’re a family for a reason! To be there for each other during the hard times and happy times. =D I just want to go get more photos of everyone! The kids, aunts, uncles, daughter in laws and brother in laws..my parents…grandparents! We don’t have enough photos…or enough memories. We’re lacking in that department…=P I want to be able to look back 40+ years later with my kids and sit there with book after book of photos just talking about family and telling them…this is how your aunt used to look like! Wasn’t she crazy young?! =P It’s so beautiful…

Even after the rain, there’s a rainbow. It’s cliche…but it’s so true. I need to remind myself of that…it lifts my spirits! =D

Tuesday Jul 17 @ 07:52pm
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