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Wedding stuff! =D

I still can’t believe I took 2,000+ photos at the wedding!! But, I’m currently burning the raw images on CD’s for the couple and in addition burning the edited photos just in case they want to print some for themselves. And then Matt and I decided to print out 100 photos we liked and put them in a wedding photo album for them. AND THENNNN, we’re going to do some canvas printouts or print out some nice photos and frame it for them! =]

So what I still have to put together:

  1. Wedding photo album
  2. CD envelopes for photo cd’s
  3. Print out 100 photos of our choice
  4. Frame photos

And right now, I’m editing pages for the children’s book that I am working on. =) Let’s just say…I’m in a really great spot in my life right now. I couldn’t have been more thankful! I showed a bit of it to my mom and she loves it!

Monday Jul 9 @ 03:21pm
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