Day 4: How you think your life would change if you achieved your dream?

I have many dreams, but one of the bigger dreams is to run my own store/shop.

Of course life would change, I would become busier and stressed, but I’d love it nonetheless. I think I would adapt to that lifestyle. I’d feel like I accomplished something huge and I’d be ready to take on another challenge. I’m almost there! Yes! I am. ♥

I’ve started a mock/trial site. I’ve got merchandisers and manufacturers in mind…now I just need to narrow down my audience I intend to sell things to and figure out all the detailed stuff. It’s going well…sort of. Hahaha. It’s stressful but fun!

Wednesday Jan 4 @ 09:32pm
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  1. maivxis said: Wow! What kinds of items are you planning to sell?? Keep me updated on it && good luck, Mai Zia. I wish you the best :)
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